A letter from the chairman of the board of directors

Volunteer fund

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Glink App  Group Family,

Over the past years, Glink App  Group has been developing strongly and steadily, aiming to become the No. 1 Real Estate Group in Vietnam. We are and will be completing many classy projects to contribute to renewing the face of the country, changing the society's outlook for a Real Estate company. The Glink App  Group is now a national brand and has received great respect from well-known real estate corporations in the region.

Having such great success is thanks to the contributions of all of you and your family. Every time I visit member companies, I always feel a strong vitality, the spirit of working hard and uncontrollably day and night, wholeheartedly for the work of the people working in Glink App ... Leaders always believe that “People are the Company's most valuable asset” and we are responsible for building the best welfare policies for you.

Among thousands of employees today, there are many family members who still face difficulties, themselves and their family members are seriously ill. It is more pitiful that the employee who is the main employee in the family unfortunately dies when he is too young ... Therefore, along with the continued implementation of social charity programs, we will give priority to take care of its teammates, help employees with difficult circumstances. This is the reason why the Company decided to establish a One-Heart Fund so that each member of Glink App  and close partners of the Company can give their volunteer hearts.

"Living in a life requires one heart to help each other", in this letter we urge the Brothers, Sisters and partners to contribute to create a Charity Fund with a heart to support. families with difficult circumstances. And on behalf of the family supported by this Foundation, Glink App  Group would like to thank you for your noble deeds.

Thanks and best regards,

Chairman of the board

Nguyễn Hồng Diệp  

Introduce the activities of the Fund

Volunteer fund

...a message, towards living people, is to give. In the midst of the hustle and bustle around us, there are still many difficult lives, so please indulge a little on the song to give each other the hearts of love and understanding, helping each other in the spirit of charity. . Those who have ever been in difficult situations can see the value of sharing and when we are stuck can we appreciate the kind hearts that come to us.

We should share more, must have a kind heart and will create a world of warm love. Lofty memories and images will be the noble deeds of friends, family, society and pains.

The "One Heart Fund" of Glink App  Group was born to share love in extremely difficult cases. This is a place for each employee to send their volunteering hearts to the Group to help cases where they or their loved ones have a difficult family and have long-term treatment. long term, family will be damaged by natural disaster, fire, risk of serious accident…. In addition, the Charity Foundation will join hands to help the less fortunate in the community.

All contributions Please transfer to the Fund account with one heart. You can support the Fund in general or for specific cases. Fund account information:

Account Number: 1913 448 183 2011
Beneficiary: Glink App Viet Nam
Bank: TechcomBank  Bank - District Binh Thanh
Money transfer content: <Full name - Company / unit / department - specifically who wants to support>

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Volunteer fund